I always try to  meet up with the wedding couple or a bride/GROOM before the BIG day. It will give us a chance to get to know one another. This is the best time to find out the details about how you met, how you got engaged, how you've PLANNED your wedding day and after that I can definitely make a package tailored to your needs.

Every extra hour booked BEYOND the package will cost £80. 

Please notice you will save up to £150 if you choose to book three sessions in advance. 


Why book more than one session?

Engagement session takes place from 4 months before the wedding to up to 4 weeks. It will give you more confidence before the big day and it is a good excuse to buy another dress!

Post wedding session is the real deal. You had your wedding few weeks/months ago. You will be relaxed. It will give you an opportunity to wear this gorgeous dress again and do your own hair as you like. We could travel to a stunning location, e.g. where you first met, where you had your first kiss.

Terms and conditions  

  • The copyright and all other rights in the photos shall be retained by Joanna Jamrozy, trading as Wild Strawberry Photography by Joanna Jamrozy (the “Photographer”).

  • Joanna Jamrozy ( the "Photographer") have rights to use your photographs for marketing purposes on social media platforms, all web presence and can be used on printed materials like leaflets, albums, folders and banners.

  • Joanna Jamrozy ( the "Photographer") has the right to hire a professional photographer on the day of the photoshoot in case of emergency.

  • Joanna Jamrozy ( the "Photographer") has the right to manipulate photographs to her artistic taste.

  • Deposit of 50% has to be paid on the day of the booking and it cannot be reimbursed.

  • Remaining costs have to be paid a week before the photoshoot.

  • If photoshoot takes place outside of Edinburgh, clients have to cover the Photographer's travel expenses.


Important questionS and concerns 

What to wear and what should I bring to the engagement session ?

I would recommend a cocktail dress for the ladies and smart casual for the lads. In case of the cold weather please remember to take a warm jacket with you, which you can take off easily. Bring a snack and water with you if the session is supposed to take more than 1.5h.  

When is the best time to book the photoshoot?

From few months to around one year in advance. But please contact me either way to check my availability. 

Would you photograph same sex marriages? 

Of course, love is love :) 

What can I expect on the day?

I can definitely work around your schedule. Please bear in mind I also need some time with the couple alone and I like to photograph the venue before the wedding guests start to arrive.  

There is so many excellent photographers in Edinburgh, why should I hire you?

What I can say is that my way of photographing people is natural and stress free. I do like candid shoots where the person I am photographing is not aware of my presence. I am always the person blending in with the party allowing people to glow on my photographs. I always make sure all the valuable artefacts you have with you on the wedding day are photographed and all the people you love will be immortalised in your wedding album forever.      

Do you keep copy of the images? 

I keep the full size resolution images for the minimum of two years. I will keep selection of the photos forever. 

Can I share the link to my images with friends and family?

As soon as the gallery is available, the pictures are for you to share. 

Do you charge for extra images?

No. I will give the contracted number of images from your package and extra images free of charge if I have any. 

How long do I wait for the images?

Up to 5 weeks. I will release them earlier if I can. 

What if I do not want to have my images to be shared on social media? Or any other marketing materials?

You will be charged with additional fee but it is definitely doable, please ask and we can negotiate the terms.